January 13, 2016


Yesterday I had an opportunity to speak to fourth grade readers in Geneva, NY. They are learning about New York State history in their Social Studies class and their teacher, Laura DeYoung, has incorporated Council Fire into their unit on the Iroquois. I was so delighted to hear their thoughtful comments and questions. One fourth grader asked me if I had ever thought about killing one of my characters. I told him that so far I hadn’t, but it’s definitely something to think about. Another student asked if I would be willing to consider writing something really, really scary. And I told him that I would absolutely give that a try.

Writing is a solitary occupation. It’s usually me, a big pile of research books, my computer, my fuzzy slippersĀ and my cat Abe. So having the opportunity to speak with young readers and hear their excitement about my stories is a treat. A great big thank you to Laura DeYoung and all of the Geneva fourth graders!