During the first weekend in June, I attended the second annual Moravian Writer’s Conference in Bethlehem, PA at Moravian College. I had the opportunity to work with mid-grade writer Paul Acompora as he led us through writing exercises, his own process, and many stories of how he came to be published. I highly recommend Paul’s work and especially enjoyed reading, Rachel Spinelli Punched Me in the Face. Paul has a real talent for the mid-grade voice and he does a beautiful job of weaving several characters’ lives into one enjoyable story. My overall take-away from the conference? The word discipline and what that means in the life of a writer. Many of the key note speakers and workshop leaders talked about the need to take a look at how screen time can eat up writing time. It certainly can for me! So maybe a little less Nashville and Grey’s and a little more time writing.

Saturday, November 7th, Co-director Rochester Children’s Book Festival, Monroe Community College, Henrietta, NY.

Festival Website: www.rochesterchildrensbookfestival.com

June 5th-6th, Attending the Moravian Writer’s Conference in Bethlehem, PA.

Attended a Highlights Foundation Workshop on Picture Books in Honesdale, PA led by writers Darcy Pattison and Leslie Herlagoski.