Lettie’s North Star

Lettie's North Star

Written from the perspective of Lettie, a young girl enslaved on a Maryland plantation with her family, Lettie’s North Star tells the story of her family’s escape from their master, Mr. Sir.

Lettie and her family escape and travel by foot and by boat toward freedom in Canada. As they near their final destination, slave hunters overtake the packet boat her family is riding on and the slaves are captured. Before the slave hunters can board the boat, Lettie’s father quickly hides his sleeping daughter behind large barrels of flour, where she won’t be spotted.

When Lettie awakens the next morning, she finds herself all alone and wrapped in a quilt that contains a secret code for slaves. It’s this secret code that Lettie must use to guide herself toward the North Star.

What Everyone is saying about Lettie’s North Star

Lettie’s North Star is a heartwarming story and wonderful read. Through the use of the squares in an Underground Railroad code and signal quilt, the story is told in a very engaging fashion. The entire book is written from a child’s perspective, and is a pleasure to read. I am hopeful that the author will write a sequel to this story, so readers will be able to learn more about what happens to Lettie after she reaches the “heaven” of freedom in Canada. I highly recommend this book!